Charlie Hirschy

Charlie Hirschy is the Associate Pastor of Student, Young Adult, and Deacon Ministries. Charlie hails from Indiana and graduated from Lancaster Bible College with a degree in Youth Ministry. He has been ordained by the Charis Fellowship of churches, of which Grace Church is a member.

Charlie says, “I am excited to be at Grace Church. I grew up in Indiana on a small dairy farm. I have 4 brothers (3 older 1 younger). I love exercising, reading, and sports (wrestling is my favorite).  Someday, I would also like to become a certified personal trainer. I also  have a great love for history. Although there are many things on my bucket list, my true passion is teenagers. God has cultivated a great love for the Gospel and ministry in my heart. I believe that we do not have to wait until college and beyond to be passionate about Jesus. I hope that I can help others (teens specifically) come to know Christ and grow in His grace.”

Charlie is also helping the Grace Church family connect with needs in our community and live on mission for Christ each day.

Senior Associate
John F. Smith
Assistant Pastor
Caleb Brussel