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As most churches do, Grace Church at Willow Valley relies on tithes/gifts to carry out the mission that Christ has given to His church. God loves cheerful givers, and Grace Church appreciates every tithe/gift that we receive. We strive to be good stewards of all of the funds that are given. All donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes. Receipts for cash and checks will be issued at the end of the calendar year. Receipts for online gifts will be issued immediately, via email.

Give Online

Do you attend Grace Church regularly? Create or log into your My Church account to log in and give electronically.

Not a regular attender at Grace Church? Click here to give without setting up and account..

Click here for detailed instructions for setting up online giving.

Cash or Checks

Cash or checks are always welcome, and can either be placed into the offering pouch during services, mailed, or dropped off at the church office.

Bill Pay

Use your own bank’s bill pay system.

Direct Giving

Many of us have a desire to give to the Lord and to support His work, but struggle to give as consistently as we would like. Grace Church would like to offer you the option of automatically giving a gift each month directly from your bank account. If you feel this would help you put your desires into action, print this form and mail it to: Grace Church at Willow Valley, 300 Willow Valley Square, Lancaster PA 19063.

Direct giving can be cancelled or the amount modified at any time by contacting the church office at 464-2782.