Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship Classes (ABFs) take place between our Sunday Morning Worship Services, from 9:45-10:45 am. These classes are an opportunity to gather together and dig deeper into God’s word through study and discussion.

The Roles of Christ taught by Don Mills | Room 207

Throughout the Bible, we’re given several images to describe Christ’s saving work. This class will examine these pictures and consider what it means that Christ is our Reconciler, Redeemer, Legal Substitute, Victor, Second Adam, and Sacrifice.

Basic Christianity taught by Caleb Brussel | Room 208

Who is Jesus? What did he really teach? Why are there so many different kinds of Christians? This class, aimed at anyone from unbeliever to longtime follower of Christ, examines the fundamental claims of the Christian faith and discusses the practical out-workings of those beliefs in daily life.