Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship Classes (ABFs) take place between our Sunday Morning Worship Services, from 9:45-10:45 am. These classes are an opportunity to gather together and dig deeper into God’s word through study and discussion.

February 26th – April 2 | The Pentateuch taught by Roger Petersen | Room 207

The first five books of the Bible contain some of the most fascinating stories about God and His people. In this class, we will discover the truth about the God of the Old Testament, the tenderness of His affection, the heights of His Holiness, and the selflessness of His mercy.

March 12-April 2 | Missions: The Story of Sacrifice taught by various Missionaries

Room 208

The story of Jesus is the story of His sacrifice for us. When He calls us to share that story with the unreached, it also involves sacrifice on our part. This class, taught by four of our missionaries, will illustrate Scripture texts with personal experience, helping us better understand our call to follow Jesus.