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5 Tips for Leading Your Small Group

5 Tips for Leading Your Small Group by Kevin DeYoung “As school starts back up, so will plenty of church-sponsored and church-related small groups. Some will study the Bible. Others will read a Christian book together. Almost all will have a designated leader or leaders. While knowing your Bible and having Christlike character are the more important factors, there are also a number of skills which go a long way in leading an effective small group.”

How Much Should I Share?

How Much Should I Share? Leaders have difficulty knowing what to share about their struggles with their small groups. by Allen White “Every believer sins. No one is perfect—not even leaders. On the other hand, when you’re struggling with temptation or are caught up in a sin pattern, how much should you share with your group? After all, while confession is good for the soul—and for strengthening a group—it can be bad for the reputation or make a messy situation…