“The Great Return”

“The Great Return”

We are excited to be returning to on-site worship services this Sunday, July 5th!  It is important for each of us to realize that church will not be as it once was for a little while. But regardless of that fact, it is a joy to be able to gather together again to worship our God! The video and information below will provide you with information regarding Sunday mornings. Please feel free to contact the church office or a staff member if you have any questions.

We recognize that some may not be comfortable with or able to attend on-site services at this time. We will be continuing to live stream the service so that everyone is able to worship whether virtually or in person. (Note: the live stream will now be taking place at 11:00 am).

The times and formats of the services have changed for the time being. We will be having the following identical services:

Safety Precautions:
We ask that you would join us in putting aside our personal preferences and honoring the safety precautions we have put in place as a way to serve one another.

  • We will be limiting personal fellowship to the parking lot area only.
  • In order to practice social distancing, the ushers will be seating and dismissing you. 
  • In light of the governors directive, we continue to strongly request that you wear a face mask.
  • We have hand sanitizing stations at the entrance of the Sanctuary and Family Life Center.
  • We have social distanced the chairs in both the Sanctuary and Family Life Center.
  • We will be deep cleaning bathrooms and high traffic touch points between services.

We ask that if you are feeling ill, have a fever or persistent cough, or if you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, please do not come.

8:00 am & 10:30 am – Congregational singing in the upper parking lot.

Congregational singing will return July 5th! After continuing to consult with churches in our area and collecting feedback from those who attended our two soft-opening Sundays, the Return Team and our elders have decided that, in addition to our pre-service outdoor congregational singing (8am and 11am) in the upper parking lot, we will be concluding our services with a brief time of congregational singing as part of our service. We will ask all who participate to sing with a mask on if physically possible. 

Church Office:
The church office is closed for the time being. Due to the various schedules of pastors and staff, please contact them individually if you would like to meet with them.